My journey to verifying my true purpose

It’s My Choice How To Show Up In Life!

Published 2016-11-09 in Mastermind Blog - 0 Comments all the hype finally being over, we have to realize that the dices have been dealt, it is like the water that has flown under the river and nothing will change it.To me the most interesting part is that the Fear Mongering Mainstream Media succeeded in proving the Law Of Attraction to be correct. […]

Commitment and Masterkey Experience 2014 / 15

Published 2015-08-10 in Mastermind Blog - 3 Comments

It is now almost a year since I got first interested and then committed to participating in the MasterKey Experience. Through commitment to MasterKey Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) I have instilled basic habits that set me up for following my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in life. It is a work in progress and takes time to […]


Published 2015-07-09 in Mastermind Blog - 0 Comments

If you have followed the posts and my past year of experiences with the Masterkey, there is an opportunity coming up, that will allow you to receive a scholarship to this great experience as well. First watch the video and then sign up under the video for updates and further information as the course comes […]

Healthy Fear vs. Existential Fear

Published 2015-06-05 in Mastermind Blog - 0 Comments

I was brought up about 50 years ago. It was quite different to how kids are brought up in our current times. Nowadays fear and “getting out of the ditch” mentality are the driving factors of society. Insurance for everything and anything as well as the magic pill to heal your problem.In our current society […]

Week 21 – What is holding me back?

Published 2015-03-04 in Mastermind Blog - 5 Comments

Many things are clear and I understand them, yet there are insecurities, fears and other emotions that are holding me back from being who I could be. The head knows what is right and yet the conscious or me does not take the actions to move forward with so many things that need to be […]

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