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It’s My Choice How To Show Up In Life!

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With all the hype finally being over, we have to realize that the dices have been dealt, it is like the water that has flown under the river and nothing will change it.

To me the most interesting part is that the Fear Mongering Mainstream Media succeeded in proving the Law Of Attraction to be correct. What you focus on grows and what you forget atrophies. They put all their energy on presenting Trump into a potential Monster, thus giving him the needed energy to win the elections. This election is in my eyes partly a result of the mainstream media focusing on these issues to scare the be-Jesus out of all the faithful people in America and the world.

Now lets hope that they are wrong about the picture they tried to portrait of him. People can change now and in the future and I give them the benefit of the doubt. I want to see the good in Trump, as there is no other choice for me to make regarding this subject.

I believe that I am solely responsible for the outcome of my own life. What I do today forms is the basis for my future. If I give my power to others, then I have no control over my future. So I claim that I am fully responsible for all the outcomes in my life.

So every decision I make should be based on my personal true values and rules that I want to live by. These values and rules may change over time through experience and insights that I gain from life or get reflected on by others.

If every one of us stays true to our hearts and lives the example we want to see in others, then our world will change to the better.

Choices made out of Fear and Anger do not serve me either, as they come from a place of lack instead of abundance.

Living in fear is not an alternative. It will bring you down and eventually take away everything you have. Read Victor Frankl's book "Man's Search For Meaning" and you will understand.

We have a choice to be the masters of our lives by living the example we want to see in others and cause a ripple effect to all the people around us. If we all do this, then it does not matter who is in the white house or whatever else might go on.

What WE focus on grows and what WE forget atrophies.

After all, I like to take some of Trumps words in which he said that we as individual citizens should stay focused on doing good and engage in our communities, so that America can become great again. The good part of this is, that you and me have a choice of how we see what a great America would look like. I want to see a peaceful, loving, healthy and strong future not only for America, but for the whole world. It is up to every single one of us to engage and be part of it and not sit on the sidelines thinking about what all can go wrong. Rather be the example you want to see in the others and cause a ripple effect to inspire others to do the same.

There is no doomsday, unless you paint that picture in you own imagination or you adopt it from others who are out to put that picture in your head and keep nourishing it through mainstream media and movies created for that exact reason. ...... 

Deny it and DON'T invite it in.


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