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Commitment and Masterkey Experience 2014 / 15

Published 2015-08-10 in Mastermind Blog - 3 Comments

It is now almost a year since I got first interested and then committed to participating in the MasterKey Experience. Through commitment to MasterKey Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) I have instilled basic habits that set me up for following my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in life. It is a work in progress and takes time to see it through. I have found that lately I am attracting into my life people and situations that offer me new opportunities that lead me to where I want or need to be. Often events make no sense from the get-go. My experience from the past has always shown me that there is a reason for things to happen in my life. 

Recently I met Byron Edgington who wrote a book with the title "The Sky Behind Me". He gifted me a copy which I just completed reading. It really resonates with me on many levels. Apart from being a great engaging story, there are many character traits and insights that shine through and obviously are the foundation for such an extraordinary life. In the end of the book Byron shares with detail some of his habits and attitudes that he adopted along his life and are fundamental to the safe flying record that he shares with this book.  

It is obvious that the one outstanding and critical character strength of Byron is that he does not spend much time with looking for interesting things but rather follows his excitement and follows through with focus on his commitments. In our current world of constant distractions through media and technology my interest in being up to date is constantly being triggered leading to lots of temptations. The downside of it is that it takes time to follow those "interesting" offers, which in turn takes away the time that when focused on my commitments will move me forward towards my DMP.

One of Byron's habits is to clean up after himself and put things back to their appropriate places 100% of the time, also compensating for others around him by putting their stuff away. In the past I have been a messy guy which I am committed to changing. Everything has its place and when it is not needed for a task should have its place and moved there, so that it does not occupy a space that could be used for something else. It also makes it easier to find it when you are looking for it. 

do one thing at a time.

For new things to come into my life, there needs to be a space ready for it to land. If an aircraft comes in for a landing it can not land - if there is another aircraft either taking off or still on the runway while landing. Multitasking as a skill is just a myth that was proven wrong both in science and in practical life too and may lead to results as shown to the left. Right now I have too many projects flying, so I am deciding to land them all one by one, park them or let them go and then to take out one at the time and do a perfect flight and enjoy it fully with a perfect landing. Then I will take out another Airplane and fly it. This way I am able to enjoy each and every flight to the fullest. So....

How many airplanes are currently flying in your life on autopilot or no pilot at all, maybe in Nirvana​.... Think about it and please share your thoughts below.

For me the MKMMA experience has brought me back on a path that I can see clearly and know my shortcomings that I am overcoming with installing new habits. The one I am recommitting to from MKMMA and reinforced by Byron is that of focusing on the one thing that excites me the most. I am also committing to creating space to make room for allowing to stay FOCUSED (Follow One Course Until Successful -Eliminate Distractions)


follow one course until successful eliminate distractions



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