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Healthy Fear vs. Existential Fear

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I was brought up about 50 years ago. It was quite different to how kids are brought up in our current times. Nowadays fear and “getting out of the ditch” mentality are the driving factors of society. Insurance for everything and anything as well as the magic pill to heal your problem.

In our current society it is unfortunate that the mainstream media, and most institutions generally use Fear as a limiting factor to control the emotions and do not really differentiate between “Healthy Fear” (HF) and “Existential Fear” (EF). This has unfortunately led to limiting the growth potential of many individuals.​

As we know, true growth can only evolve when we go outside of our comfort zone. Of course we face the unknown, untested or un…. something… What does this really mean to you? The prefix un-XXX is most often related to adopted fears of the unknown and with that for most people a reason to say NO, I won’t do it. HF though taken the right way is just a warning that you are about to explore outside of your comfort zone. Of course there are the EF which are to be taken serious. (like not walking too close to the edge of a cliff without security)

I will explore the HF in an example. We can agree that there are different skills of drivers out there. The young driver with little or no experience might be aware or not of his or her skills in comparison to others who have years of experience. In addition, the car also has certain capabilities and limitations. The awareness of both of these factors can be crucial when it comes to a point where either limits are hit.

This is the reason why I personally am always interested in knowing the limits of both myself and the machine I am operating, so that when the moment arises, that both I and the machine need to perform within the envelope of the combined limits without being paralyzed by fear.

To get to that point though, one has to deliberately and with intent embrace the HF and go outside the comfort zone to expand and grow the personal limits. This can be done with or without the supervision of others that have grown past the point that I am am at. In addition, one can also become a pioneer and go places that none have ever gone before. This is where child like faith plays a huge role, the ability to trust your instinct or inner guide.

This is where the Masterkey and what one can learn from it comes in. It offers the tools to go and find your own unique path that allows us to expand and grow while thriving through HF in addition – avoiding to go in the ditch, because prevention and the understanding of which place HF puts you in, will guide you along your path embracing HF.

​Though fear can be a very strong motivator, there is another path to stir up people and get them interested. There is fear, and there is motivation. My choice is motivation and I know from my own experience and from watching my wife with teaching Italian at the University, that motivation trumps fear by at least 3:1. Thus, using the tools that we have been offered with the Masterkey experience, motivation is the best key to true growth. Further, Masterkey provides the tools and the ability to be in control, understand fear and avoid landing in the ditch by providing insight through prevention.

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