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Interview by Lisa Turner (LT) editor of the Nexus Magazine taken in Italy at the compound after a weekend workshop about self sustaining living in April of 2018

LT: Thank you Elisa and Gerhard for inviting me out to your place. We are here in Italy at a compound near the town of Rieti. You have shown me all the crops and fruits as well as the technical aspects of this compound being independent regarding energy, food and water.

G: Thank you Lisa. It is our pleasure and we are grateful for you taking the time to come and visit with us here in Italy at our beautiful place. In a way it is a lifetime achievement and in another way it is not. During the first 54 years of my life I was following the rat race like most everyone else. It is actually in the last few years that we have been able to attract these beautiful things into our lives and into many other lives as well.

In beginning of 2014 I was working with a company that I had been with 15 years and had the privilege to do some research and development which resulted in a fundamental understanding of how to support the human body in its ability to healing itself. Unfortunately at the time the health industry especially in the US had no interest in actually helping people, but rather in expanding their kingdom or fiefdom.

LT: So what is it that changed for you and took you on a different path which led us to sitting here in this beautiful place with luscious fruits and vegetables on the table in front of us, and being surrounded by joyous people? I have tried your delicious dates, juicy oranges, grapes, meaty tomatoes and veggies that taste like none that I have ever tried before.



G: The first 54 years of my life seem like a slow motion movie to me, because of what I was able to achieve is a fraction of what we have been able to attract in cooperation with other like-minded people in the last 4 years. Though, I have to admit that some of the success is related to achievements gained in prior years of insight. Taking what we learned and leveraging it with the tools that we have within us, is what makes the difference. Awakening and using our subconscious mind which is connected with the universe and whose service we only need to ask for is key.

In fall of 2014 I joined an online group that was building momentum since 2010 and is called Master Key Mastermind Alliance, short MKMMA. This group is led by Mark J. and the fabulous Davene together with their team of experts. We took full responsibility of our own lives and “unlearned” old habits from our upbringing and other influences such as the fear mongering from the mainstream media, replaced them with new habits that lead us to become aware of what we are doing at all times. We really focus on those plans that help us to serving other people which in turn come back multi-fold and enable us to do good things beyond our past imaginations.

LT: May I ask, how did all that happen? What was the format and how long did it take you guys to learn all the lessons.

G: This online course was for “free”. It was paid for by former attendees of this course from the previous year. Mark and Davene had started out by giving away 150 scholarships to the 1st participants in the 2010. Somehow the idea evolved to pay it forward for the next year participants. This carried on and then it was of course a pleasure for me to do the same. I witnessed and experienced how the other participants and I changed within the 6 months of weekly training and working on the assignments.  At some point you either quit or reach total dedication where you give 100% of yourself to make sure that there are no doubts in what you want to achieve. Well to make a long story short, during this time you learn to liberate your internal muscle – the mind – to grow and to synchronize it with the universe which will deliver to you anything you ask for. During this time you actually dig deep within and find what really drives you. It is a finely timed process of self discovery.

LT: once you learned what your true interests are, how does that unfold to what you have created together with other people in these last 3 years? It must have been a busy life to get all this going and being able to maintain it.

G: Actually my life has become in many ways easier and a lot more fun. I’m enjoying the things that I love to do while showing other people how they can do the same and live a life with meaning, passion and fulfillment. With a clear vision in mind, the Universe is set in motion and things happen or opportunities and people show up that, when acted upon, change people’s lives. It is almost effortless. One of the main principles that we embrace fully, is that we only engage in any transaction which benefits all whom it affects. In addition, everything we do, we do with love.

LT: What has your journey looked like in the past 3 years? Which places did you go to and what did you learn? What can you tell the readers of our publication about how to achieve what they want?

G: I am lucky guy. Everyone can be a lucky guy or girl. As I said before, it is about unlearning habits from old beliefs, replacing them with new habits and rediscovering or actually uncovering faith which we had as a small child. We had faith in everyone and everything, we had the belief that we could achieve anything we wanted. MKMMA led us on a path to knock down those beliefs that were adapted after that and limiting us. We learned to uncover and to foster the original faith with the ability to be able to do whatever it takes to follow your heart’s desire and move mountains if need be. I am very lucky because my wife Elisa has similar values and initially led me on this path of spiritual growth. I am fortunate to be able to take the things that I had learned and that I am passionate about and leverage them into a world that lost its faith in the health industry. People are looking for alternatives which I had learned so much about and also have products that can help people without using drugs or pharmaceutical medications.


Nepal lake

Elisa and I traveled the world to discover more ways of supporting the body, mind and spirit in staying healthy and vibrant. We shared our knowledge with all about what we had learned. This way we started building world wide friendships and alliances with like-minded groups and individuals. We offer solutions like the mattress overlay which supports the body to heal bedsores. There is the helmet that can help with overcoming a headache or even worse a migraine. There is the Infrared Amethyst bio-mat, which boosts the body’s immune system by raising the body temperature above 114°F at which cancer can not sustain and will die. The beauty of it all is – that there are no drugs being used. The “Delta Wrap”, designed for extremities is designed which the purpose in mind, to support the body in its ability to heal itself. A “side effect” is that it also in many cases stops the pain that is mostly caused by swelling or edema. Once you understand it, it is fairly simple and in the end it is the result that counts. Drugs and pharmaceuticals with their side effects are a catch 22 with the additional “side effect” of enabling the “health” industry to plunder people from their savings.

It is very rewarding to see how these simple things can help people regain their health with fairly simple means. It was just a question of time until this world wide sick system had to collapse. All the products that we support serve the purpose of people being able to be more conscious about their body which also supports the consciousness of mind and spirit as they are all linked together.

LT: Wow, there is a lot to learn here. That is not really all, because I can see here at this beautiful place that there’s more to it than gaining a healthy body. So where does the spiritual aspect come in to the picture?

G: It is a widely accepted truth, that body mind and spirit are equally dependent on each others healthy state for being harmoniously healthy as a whole. While joyously traveling the world with Elisa, we gained information and won friends with whom we mastermind and attract more people to take action in their own lives and adopt these successful principles. It starts with letting go of the victim mentality and empowering one’s self by acknowledging that “one” is in life at the very time because of the actions and in-actions of self. This realization combined with the permission of self to move on, accept the authority, the ability and the strength to lead the “self” to a new harmonious, happy and joyous future. We offer to sponsor people to join the MKMMA experience with Mark and the fabulous Davene as part of what we provide. Seeing the transformation happen in a single person is beautiful. Seeing it happen in a group is something that is amazing and hard to put in words. So everywhere we go, people empower themselves to do what they were meant to do and live a happy life of purpose and fulfillment. With the same principle used by MKMMA we use donations as well as profits from sold products to keep motivating people to empower themselves and become independent in which ever way they are inspired.

LT: Now I see why you have this community or farm compound that is based on the same autonomous principles. It is able to sustain itself all year long while on top creating abundance in form of food and providing the framework to attract people to come here and to learn these principles. It is an organism of its own guided by the same principles.


Farm Uruguay07

G: You are absolutely right. People that come here and feel the harmony will increase their vibrancy and naturally start picking up and have the desire to go for it! We also invite guest speakers such as Mark and the fabulous Davene to share their experiences and motivate people to unleash themselves.

I also take time out to do research and development at our house in central Oregon. I have my own high tech lab and workshop where I can design and develop new products, try out new ideas and also take time out to be in nature and have quality time with my beautiful wife Elisa and friends that we invite. We also take the time to visit with our families here in Italy and Germany where I come from. We have established a mastermind team around the theme of drug-free health. We meet twice a year in person as well as having numerous internet meetings. We study strategies and switch tactics to test what works best. In the end our goal is to empower the individual who is interested in being part of a good cause with help and empowering many other people. Again one of the most important principles is to only engage in transactions that benefit all whom it affects.

LT: Thank you so much for hosting us and it was a pleasure being here and learning new aspects of our bodies.





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