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How do I see myself ?      

Who am I ?

This is a snapshot of who I am at this moment in life in mid August of 2014.

I am in a place of wonder. Every day brings new experiences. I feel more awake than ever before in my life. I have a beautiful wife who has nurtured me to come along her spiritual journey and accepted my own spiritual path. I am happy that she also is my best fried at the same time. I am very grateful for her presence in my life, challenging me to live up to the best I can be. There is so much to discover outside, but even more so on the inside – within myself.

Most of my life I have not being living up to my real abilities. I have been on autopilot, not the ones in airplanes. Many habits adopted by me along my life so far have actually prohibited me from growing to my true potential.

I am fortunate and blessed with a creative mind in regards to technology and intuitive engineering, both mechanical in the field of aviation and semi-biological in the field of preventing or stopping bodily pain that we encounter in our artificial world where we interface technology. From head to toe, any pain caused by technology, there is a solution that can be applied. It is about taking natures examples and applying them for good purpose in our lives. Nature has already designed everything. We only need to find the solutions and transform them to be applied for our own needs.

Understanding the mechanical functionality of the human body or cosmos, has led me on a search to find out more about our body, which consequently leads to the whole package of Body, Mind and Spirit. They are a unity and depend on each others well being, or else there is no growth, which also means life. It is a symbiosis and as such, if one is not functioning well or missing, then it is not able to function as intended.

The search for cause and effect in my own life has consequently led me along the path to find this course of  MKMMA (Master Key Master-Mind Alliance). I am eager and happy to learn all about “the world within” which is where every thought is born and which is the cause for everything happening “in the world without” (outside). Fear with its thousands of faces does not deter me in the challenges that come my way in fulfilling the true purpose of my life.

So what am I doing about it right now?

I am sorting out the “bad” habits and replacing them with good habits. This is a dedicated half year long process offered with guidance by MKMMA and allows me to continuously challenge myself to live up to what my true potential is.

Thank you for reading and may you also find your true purpose in life.

Have a blessed day, Gerhard


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