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Week 17a – The Movie “Rudy”and the Message it holds for me

Published 2015-01-31 in Mastermind Blog - 6 Comments

This months reading from Og Mandino holds the mirror in our face to recognize that we as an individual are unique and that everyone is a miracle of its own. If you think of all the things that our body does without us having to think about it, it definitely is a miracle.

With our composition of upbringing, choices along the way and our preferences, we do develop something that is unique in its composition. It makes us like none other out there. This is also the point where we can recognize that we are on our own path and that comparing ourselves to others does not really bear any value, because the starting point of all is different.

This week I finally took the time to watch the movie Rudy. I wont spill the beans, so that you can still go and watch the movie.

Rudy at a very young age of around 10 years was inspired as by by the passionate speech of the Notre Dame Football trainer. He sees himself go to Notre Dame and be part of the team. He is rather small in stature yet he is deaf to all the naysayers and he keeps his flame of inspiration burning even in hard times. He truly only has one friend who is able to also feel his passion and believes in him. Being denied to even visit Notre Dame he becomes a worker at the steal plant where his father and older brothers work.Triggered by the tragic death of this friend in the steal plant he realizes that his only mastermind team member has just disappeared and for him to be able to follow his dream, he will have to do something immediately.

Rudy moves to Notre Dame and attracts the people who will become part of his mastermind. Living with virtually no means at all, he earns his way and doing whatever it takes to reach his goal. Rudy is not realizing that his unwavering spirit affects other people who support him in the moments of need and inspires others who else would not carry on without him displaying his unique tenacity.

Rudy undeniably earns his way into the team and as a result is an example to his siblings and the rest of the world. The doubters in his own family in the end realize that even though they had the physical strength to do way more than Rudy, they lacked the mental strength that Rudy had and “to do whatever it takes”. In the end Rudy actually not only did it for himself, but also for the people he loved and wanted to inspire.

My takeaway and inspiration from this movie is to determine what it is that I really want to do and make sure that it is really my own, that it is “what I will to be”. This also connects to one of this weeks assi9gnments. We were also to look at the obituaries in newspapers. Per definition, “A notice of death” – the chronological life is often reflected upon with some of the achievements. Sadly not often is there a reflection of the passions and weather or not the person has actually lived a life of passion and fulfillment.

Something to think about…..? ! ?



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