My journey to verifying my true purpose

Week 18 – HJ Refusal of the Call and old Blueprint

Published 2015-02-11 in Mastermind Blog - 7 Comments

Life is interesting. My parents live in Germany and I live in Oregon. That is quite far away and it was time to visit, because my father, who is 91 years young has lately been challenged with his health. So I decided to go back home and visit after 2 1/4 years. It is wonderful to see family and old friends and it comes with quite some challenges too

The old Blueprint is showing up in many places and is tough to counter. Add in Jet-lag and being tired to the mix and time flies by. catching up with friends is wonderful and is honestly quite demanding. Og Mandino with the current scroll reminds me three times a day to live this day as it is my last. I feel the refusal of the call to The Heroes Journey is really the point for me to stand up for myself and keep going. Be true to myself also because of the Guy in the Glass.

I am continuously asking myself which purpose does what I am doing now serve. It is really challenging to see that many of the things I do and agree to spend my time with are not always serving me and my DMP. Though spending my time with my parents does not fall in this category and I have chosen to come here for this reason. It comes back to our focus. What we focus on grows and what we forget atrophies

Being in alignment with my DMP and seeing the big picture is where it really counts. Reading the achievement and gratitude cards are really great tools to remind myself that it is worth to stay on target as it will allow to keep working towards the DMP. I am having great talks with my father who at some times just baffles me as he was talking about God and bringing up the awareness of Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

I feel very blessed and find the strength in some of the talking that I do with my father, who knows that his days are counted and is in peace with it. He is truly living every day as if it was his last day, even though he is very limited in his physical abilities he is very astute and lively when he warms up and talks about the soul and his learning’s.

I am very grateful for everything that I have, the people I know, my family and my health. Life is great and I have a choice of how to view it and what I take from it. Thank you for reading.



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