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Week 19 – Fear and the True Source of Power Within

Published 2015-02-15 in Mastermind Blog - 3 Comments

This weeks reading of chapter nineteen of Haanel, the first word is “Fear”. It is the the dominating and sometimes paralyzing emotion that is being harnesses against our own true interests. In the current scroll V of Og Mandino, we are also reminded about the true irrelevance of yesterday and tomorrow, as you can’t change anything about yesterday or what might happen tomorrow.

So it is even more important that we are conscious about the here and now and what we do with it and that we live to the fullest, as if it were our last day. All of a sudden the priorities change around. Just for kicks, write down all the things that are important to you, if you had to make a decision that tomorrow is not an option. Tomorrow is given to you only if you would be honest to yourself and do those things that are truly important to you. What would your choices be?

The first card on my stack of the daily reading cards asks “What would the person I intend to become do next?” When I ask myself this question with awareness of unlimited potential and be truly honest, the heart will speak out and tell me the right thing. The old blueprint might mess with me every once in a while. I have the ability to ask again and see how the answer feels, or what the energy is behind what I would like to do, because it is about the emotion (Energy in Motion).

So where does all this come together? What is in the way to achiever our true potential. After all I am unique and trying to be someone else will not cut it, because I am not going through my own door and laying out my own path. The true source of my power within is having nothing in the way from the old blueprint and the old beliefs. They are obstructions and have already proven to me that they do not work. One of the biggest ones is FEAR that comes with so many faces and is disguised in so many ways. Fear is tricky and attaches itself to seemingly nice things.

The biggest one is COMFORT, which gives the biggest of all blinders. Think about it.

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