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Week 22 – Today I will be Master of my Emotions

Published 2015-03-13 in Mastermind Blog - 4 Comments

Here it is again… The word I have written about before. Energy in motion or EMOTION…..

In Chapter 13 of “The Greatest Salesman” Og talks about the different emotions that we encounter and that they change like weather. Not only do my own emotions change like weather, the emotions of the people around me change too and they don’t tell me that they will change them either. So where does that leave me in the sea of life.

Like attracts like and with that I really want to be a master of my emotions. If I am in a “not so good mood” I will be transmitting that out and so will my surroundings realize and I attract according to my moods or my energy. This might not count for you. I have observed and also in the past participated in “self pitty parties” or similar down spiraling “conventions” that simply don’t have the right energy for me.

It reminds me of a series of books by Vadim Zeland, a russian author, who wrote a series of books about “Reality Transsurfing” His description of how we engage and use our energy is very intuitive and makes a lot of sense to me. He describes it as a system of pendulums. The more people that are investing time and energy into any particular pendulum, the more momentum it gets and with that gains power.

We have the choice to invest time and energy or not. There is no difference weather you spend positive or negative energy to the pendulum. As long as you give it attention, you are contributing to it and with that – you are fueling it. IT is the same with moods and emotions.

Further, there is natures “Law of Balance”. Anything that is out of balance, this Law will compensate for it. For example, when our ego goes big and like Og lines up some other “forces” as overconfidence, overindulgence, complacency, greatness, powerfulness, wealth, pride and other forces are not to be going off on their own. Vadim describes it as having a “High Potential” which the law will even out with countering actions.

I guess that is where humbleness comes in as an attribute that will serve you very well and as Og nicely shows, there are always good ways to get back to a normal level by remembering and replacing the thoughts with ones that help to stay grounded. Being Master of my emotions is important to me as with “Like Attracts Like” it gives me a handle to attract the right people and circumstances in my life to keep on the path of fulfilling my definite major purpose.

Thank you for reading.



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