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Week 22A – Houston, I am in the “Here and NOW”……..Do you read me?

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I wonder what happened during those times that the astronauts had no connection via the 2-way radio and what went through the minds of the Astronauts as well as the people down below. I wonder how many actually connected within and with that connected with the Universe or God.

As recommended from our Masterkey course with Mark, Davene and team, I took the time to disconnect with the outer world by turning off all technology used for communication and be with myself for two days or 48 hours. First I did some reading of suggested materials as “Self Reliance” from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I also read the Color code result of being a white, which gave me a sense of where I came from as it was taken at the beginning of the course. Very interesting!

In addition I did things to please myself. I went for a 2-mile walk and took a nice bath with Magnesium crystals (while reading Emerson) and did some other cleanses. I spent the first evening on the infrared Biomat that always gives me inner warmth and a feeling of tranquility while doing my meditation. I also prepared a delicious salad that I could eat from, anytime I felt hungry, as well as having fruits and other veggies around. The cats were very peaceful and knew that I was connecting with my inner self.

I did a first sit on Wednesday and was simply allowing my mind to go anywhere it wanted and figure out what it was that I wanted to know more about. Then, lying on the Biomat, I sorted through the current challenges and what they were offering me as insight and what might be their reasons for showing up in my life. Things that we resist persist and keep showing up in our life until we decide to learn and grow from them.

On the second day, after exercising and doing MKMMA reading I sat down still for 4 hours straight, interrupting and moving only my right arm twice for a good sip from my water bottle. It was a beautiful experience in which I went with LOVE through relationships in my life and asked for forgiveness for both of myself and the others for any unresolved issues that might be and finding a balance within. It felt really good and the sense of freedom I got from this sit is just wonderful and I do not want to miss it.

Further, the sense for being in the “Here and Now”, being present has heightened and the awareness that was clear by the head had not yet really been realized by the doing. These “Sit’s” though have brought me closer to living it and realizing that truly, everything from the past is meaningless apart from the learning’s and that the future is of no real importance neither as only the present is what is having an influence on where we go. It really is about “Feeling Good NOW” that has real value and it’s results will feed the feeling of the next moment.

So I like the phrase “The Future is NOW” and it is the choice of how we act upon our opportunities to be creating our NOW while enjoying life.

Looking at the whole experience, I find that being at peace with self and all others in my life is important to me and allows to pursue what interests me most, which is my DMP. People and circumstances show up when they are opportune.



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