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Week 23 – Love is the Masterkey to Happiness

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I picked up this framed print at a local store and did a Google search on the wording. Turns out that there were more words to this original wording than are shown here. Less is definitely more in this case. I also have a little book that claims to have the secret to why using all that the movie “The Secret” revealed isn’t working. It is simply telling you in a few words that Love is the true secret to everything. Yet another book, “The Door Of Everything” that I really like too also talks about Love, Praise and Gratitude as the main keys to everlasting life.

Looking back at my life and viewing those events and experiences that have been the most memorable or distinctive, it shows over and over again, that mostly love and service to others was the main motivator. After going through the Masterkey experience I understand why things were so “easy ” and why so many “NAY SAYERS” would not get it either. What is it that really motivates us?

We know that the world within which can also be called our own “model of the world”, will reflect as the the world without. We have filters that are based on our values and beliefs that we have acquired along our paths weather on purpose or not, willingly or also unconsciously. Acknowledging this and realizing that we have a unique set of values and rules, which is not comparable to others, is an important realization. With that also comes the realization that we are unique and that there is only one way to change it too.

I for my part have been looking at others and opportunities that others have offered along my path whose ideas at the time seemed so right. When delving into what the others had to offer, I realized over and over again, that it was not quite right for me either. There were things that “rung” with me that I could relate to. This happened over and over again until I found “MKMMA” or the Masterkey.

This is where I finally got it. We all are unique and there is no other out there that is like you. You, I and everyone out there is unique and natures greatest miracle. It is up to us to see it and use our own unique being to pick from the buffet of life and find our own way to strength and thrive in the abundance. This is only possible from a position of strength and inner prosperity. It is the choices that we make, also meaning the choices of not doing certain things that we know would move us forward, which would take us outside our comfort zone and that would get us to grow. Love is really the Masterkey to Happiness

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